One Little Word for 2021

Still on the One Little Word bandwagon? Me, too. A quick history of my past words…2014: intentional2015: joy2016: contentment2017: low-maintenance2018: less2019: finish2020: enjoy (kind of hilarious, never blogged about it) I finally settled on my word for 2021, and it is streamline. Now that I’m looking back on my past seven words and this year’s,… Read More One Little Word for 2021

important nothings

Thoughts on Input

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is input. What we read, what we watch or listen to, the conversations we have—all of these things have the power to shape how we think and feel. I guess I’m just completely oblivious or something, but I never paid much attention to input until the last… Read More Thoughts on Input


Quiet Time Basket

I love the idea of a quiet time basket. I’ve seen a few bloggers share similar ideas, but I remember when I read Emily’s post and was so inspired to put together my own. My journals, bibles, and bible study books tend to wind up all over the place, and when I want to sit down… Read More Quiet Time Basket