Advent Lessons from Five-Year-Olds

We’re studying Advent in my pre–K—first grade Sunday school class. All year, I’ve been astounded by my students’ understanding of faith and theology—way deeper than most adults I know! But something yesterday just got me and I had to share it here.

We’d been talking about Jesus coming into the world, and we were drawing pictures of what we hoped He’d bring into the world with Him. Almost all of the kids drew hearts, quite a few drew peace signs, and one drew water, telling me, “I hope Jesus brings clean water into the world so everyone has safe water to drink.”

I was thrilled. They were really thinking, you know? Really understanding the whole Luke 1:37 thing.

And then I looked over at this one kid. He’s quiet, sort of shy. Never says much to the other kids but always participates in the lesson. I asked him to tell me what he was drawing.

“Tell me what you’re drawing there, sweetheart. What do you hope Jesus brings into the world?”

(long pause)

“The cross.”


And I got those stinging tears behind my eyes and realized that with all the gifts and candles and peace and good will and picturing Him as a tiny baby, I forget the real reason He was here. The real reason God sent Him to us. That stuff we want to wait until Lent to think about, so we can picture Him as a grownup and not Someone’s Child.

But He was, y’all. He was.

I hope you’re having a blessed Advent, friends. Remember to look for those little reminders of what this is all about.

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