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An Inspired Season: Bucket List

Linking up with Bailey and Katie again for An Inspired Season!

Today’s prompt: Write a bucket list that’s FOR your current season (focusing on things you can do and want to do in the very near future, rather than dreams for what you hope is ahead).

Here’s my bucket list for my current season:

– Eat at three cafes / restaurants in our new neighborhood

– Spend a weekend out of town, just the two of us (or three if it’s a dog–friendly place)

– Host three dinner parties, one with my husband’s family, one with mine, and one with friends

– Attempt a yoga headstand

– Start the creative pursuit I dreamed up while reading Make It Happen (can’t wait to share more about this!)

– Complete one new house project each week

– Read (or reread) the following books:
The Time Quintet
The Chronicles of Narnia
Girl Meets God
French Ways and Their Meaning
God’s Secretaries
The Screwtape Letters
The Red Tent

– Use library card regularly (at least once a month)

– Try two new bread recipes

– Schedule a playdate with a friend who has a baby / toddler

How about you? What’s on your bucket list?

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