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An Inspired Season: My Season in Pictures

Linking up with Bailey and Katie again for An Inspired Season!

Today’s prompt: Describe your current season in pictures (make a mood board / art collage / whatever)!

I scrolled through my Instagram and camera roll for pictures that helped capture what I love about the season I’m in right now. While in some ways this season feels like one of waiting, it’s also one of celebrating. It’s summertime, the weather is beautiful, we just bought our first house, we finally have enough room to have people over—so much goodness going on right now!


So here we have my eternally lazy dog, with whom I’m able to spend whole afternoons, just sitting on the sofa and reading. She’s a “little old lady,” in the words of our vet, so I love soaking up every moment with her.

I’ve also got a picture of the Seamless Bible study. I love that I have so much time to devote to soaking up not only the Word but Angie Smith’s questions and prompts to help me think more deeply about what the Word means and how it shapes my life. Any other season would mean balancing this study with schoolwork, but right now I have so much time for it. I love that.

And a picture of the new house, of course! We saved and house–shopped for so long that it feels like a celebration every day around here. Patience and frugality really paid off, and we’re in a home that we love and that makes sound financial sense for us.

Those Twizzler fireworks? They’re proof of the kind of spontaneity and space we have in this season: spontaneity to throw an impromptu Fourth of July party and space to invite both of our families! We planned and threw the party in about 24 hours. Was the house perfect? Of course not! Was the menu planned to the last detail? Not by any stretch of the imagination! Did anyone care? Not in the least! Goodness, did we have fun!

The Give Me Jesus journal is another example of the time I have to devote to the Word each day. That’s one of my most favorite aspects of summer: no rushing off to work or ending the day exhausted. I have absolutely no excuses not to keep up with devotionals and journaling.

And that wine and cheese picture? I think it sums up the season of our marriage right now. While we aren’t sharing our home and family with kids just yet, we do get to spend lots of uninterrupted time together and continue building the kind of relationship that will act as a foundation for our relationship as parents.

So there you have it! A quick visual of my current season. I really enjoyed this exercise in celebrating where I am at this moment.

Won’t you join in the fun? #aninspiredseason

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