Craft Fair Soaps

Remember my soap–making escapade? Well, I decided to take a little leap of faith and sell my soaps at a craft fair.

My niece goes to a Catholic preschool, and back in October, my sister mentioned that they were having a holiday craft fair as a fundraiser. After a moment’s hesitation, I asked her to send me the vendor information. I signed up, not knowing exactly how this would turn out but proud of myself for trying anyway.

You see, this is way out of my comfort zone. Like, way out of it. Taking a chance? Talking to strangers? Sales?!?

But I did it anyway, and I’m glad I did!

Here’s my booth:




Lots of Christmas–y details.


Mary, Joseph, and the manger. These are from a nativity my mom made. I love the rustic, handmade feel of these.


I sold a few soaps that day, but I was pleasantly surprised by a few orders I received after the craft fair. The principal of the school sent me an email to order 20 soaps as gifts for her friends and family, and then sent a follow–up email asking if she could order an additional 60 to give to the faculty as part of their Christmas gifts!

I was humbled that she liked the soaps so much and thrilled that I would get to share my work with fellow teachers. One of those wonderful Holy Spirit things, you know?


So that’s the latest on the soap–making. I don’t think I’ll be leaving the teaching gig to do soaps full–time or anything, but it sure was fun. Don’t you love leaps of faith that work out well?

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