Current state of the victory garden

Despite torrential rains and a winter that couldn’t make up its mind, the victory garden is going strong here, folks.

First up, mums that keep coming back but only in one of the two matching planters. Naturally.

I’m attempting to grow a mix of zinnias and various wildflowers in the side flower bed, where Carlos dominated for the last few years but looked as though he’d never return after the great freeze.

But behold! Carlos HAS returned!

Not the big yellow zinnia. The tiny bit of lantana. Get it? Carlos? Lantana?

I also have a couple of potted herbs growing in what was supposed to be a tea garden, but the chamomile never had a chance and you can see what’s going on with the lemon balm, so . . . tea garden it is not.

On to the actual victory garden!

Three enormous cherry tomato bushes! I am so excited about these, y’all.

Beans! I have great success with beans. By ‘great success,’ I mean that I grew exactly 17 beans last year. The folks at Green Giant are watching me carefully in fear of a takeover.

And these are sunflowers. I cannot wait.

I put my Italian minor to good use by growing prolific basil.

Not pictured: the window box of various kinds of mint. The toddler is actually in charge of those, and they are doing beautifully. He will share none of his secrets.

Ah, spring. We spent the weekend at the beach, I’m heading to an outdoor production of The Three Musketeers at the museum sculpture garden with my mother-in-law tonight, we will probably grill this weekend . . . glorious, I tell you. Glorious.

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