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Five Minute Fix: Store things where you use them

You guys. Why in the world are the simplest solutions always the best?

I’ve only learned that lesson 8,000 times over the course of my life, but it still manages to astound me every single time.

For example:

I wash my hands in the kitchen quite a bit, and lately my hands have been really dry. All of my various hand creams / lotions are in our bedroom. ¬†The kitchen and bedroom are on opposite ends of the house. Now, we’re not talking Downton Abbey here, but it’s far enough that my lazy self isn’t hiking back and forth whenever I wash my hands.


Turns out you can keep lotion next to the kitchen sink. What’s next, ovens that clean themselves?!

That simple solution inspired me to look around the house for other easily resolved storage problems. The burp cloths I store in the nursery and always remember I need right *after* I sit down to nurse the baby in the living room? The heating pad I like to use on my lower back while I’m reading or crafting but store at the top of our bedroom closet like some kind of idiot?

Moved ’em. Moved ’em to within a yard of where they’re most often used.

I kind of went overboard with making it easier to put things away / get to them when we need them and ended up organizing the whole entryway, adding some hooks and putting the coat rack by the door instead of around the corner from the door (so dumb, I know, but I was obsessed with keeping it from looking too messy).

So here’s your challenge: What can you relocate in just five minutes that will make your life simpler? You’d be amazed at the difference it makes!

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