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Five Minute Fix: Wardrobe Edition

The Five–Minute Fix Challenge (see last challenge here)

Here’s what you do:

1. Find something that needs to be done around your house that will make a difference in your everyday BUT won’t take more than five minutes* to complete.

2. DO IT.

3. Share about it in the comments, being sure to include how it will help make your everyday life run more smoothly.

* Okay, we can make five minutes the rough estimate. If it takes a few more, we won’t tell. Just no Pinterest–worthy weekend projects!

Need an example? Craving poorly lit iPhone photos? I’ve got you covered.

I bought this dress at the Banana Republic outlet a few years ago (okay, more than a few . . . when I was in college, but who’s counting?). Loved the print, loved the comfort level, loved the color—navy blue, so no surprise there.

Did not love the weird elastic–y sleeves or the sash.


So I decided to make my Depression Era grandparents proud and cut the elastic out of the sleeves, replaced the sash with a belt, and added a scarf.


Want to see my cute dog photo–bombing? Of course you do.


The sleeves do a sort of dolman / kimono—thing now, and the belt looks more up–to–date than the sash. And I feel like I got a brand new dress for free!

In other news, I’m learning when is the best time to take photos in the courtyard and the meaning of the word “back–lit.” ; )

Okay, your turn. What five–minute fix can you make today? Make do and mend, people.

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