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Influence Conference Linkup

Can you believe the Influence Conference is this week? I’ve been counting down for so long, and now it’s finally here!

This is my first Influence Conference. I joined the Influence Network when I started blogging in January, and it’s been such a good experience for me. So many of the blogs I read regularly are by fellow Influence members, and the classes have been encouraging and enlightening. I’m excited for the “real life” part—meeting people face–to–face, attending classes in person, getting to eat and pray and drink coffee with these women . . . I just can’t wait!


Quick bio

I love to read, cook, watch British television, and hang out with my husband and our little dog. I will embroider anything that isn’t tied down. I teach literature to high school seniors and Sunday school to pre–kindergarteners (never a dull moment in either situation). I’ve never met a carbohydrate without forming an emotional attachment. My 90–year–old grandmother is my role model because her response to everything is, “Well, Jesus told us to love one another, so I guess that’s what we oughta do.”

What I’m most excited about

Meeting some of my favorite bloggers! I never thought I’d say that because I’m pretty introverted and kind of awkward at meeting new people, but the beautiful thing about blogging is that it helps us know one another before meeting face–to–face. And I feel at home in the Influence Network because it’s such a positive place, full of encouraging, like–minded women, so I’m not as nervous as I thought I’d be. This linkup is certainly helpful, too.

What I can’t leave home without

The notebook I bought specifically for the conference. In January. Before I’d even bought my ticket. Because I am a crazy person. : )

Are you counting down, too? I hope to meet you there!

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