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Stash Tea Review

Are you a tea fan? I certainly am. I love loose teas because I think they’re so pretty, and I like the time it takes to measure the leaves, scoop them out, and use delicate, special equipment to brew them.

loose tea

Unfortunately, I simply don’t have the time (or the interest) to go through this process every time I want tea. I’d rather brew simpler teabags and drink lots of tea than feel like it’s something I can only drink when I have time.

I recently discovered Stash Tea at my local grocery store. Their chamomile is delightful! I visited their website and saw how many delicious flavors they offer, so I placed an order for what I couldn’t find locally.

The tea shipped sooner than expected, and it arrived in only 4 days.


Here are the flavors I ordered:
Breakfast in Paris
Double Bergamot Earl Grey
Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Mellow Moments (caffeine free herbal)
Meyer Lemon (caffeine free herbal)
Peppermint (caffeine free herbal)
Organic Lavender Tulsi (caffeine free herbal)
Chamomile (caffeine free herbal–and one I already know and love!)


I like that you can order the number of teabags that’s right for you, be it 10, 30, or 1000! It’s the perfect chance to taste something new or stock up on your favorites.

stash tea

Breakfast in Paris is Earl Grey + lavender (and how can you go wrong with that combination?). It’s a great mix of citrusy bergamot and flowery lavender.

Double Bergamot Earl Grey is exactly what it sounds like. If you love that citrusy flavor in Earl Grey, you’ll love this tea.

The Moroccan Mint Green Tea doesn’t have much green tea flavor at all. It’s a great mix of spearmint and peppermint (with a touch of lemongrass, too). If you’re looking for something with a real green tea flavor, this isn’t it, but if you like the health benefits of green tea but prefer a different taste, then this is perfect for you!

Oh, gosh! Mellow Moments! It’s the only one for which I included a specific link, and it’s because I’m trying really hard to get everyone everywhere to order it so maybe it becomes America’s most popular beverage and is available at every grocery store and restaurant! (Do you need me to review it, or is this sufficient? Delicious, people!)

I was so excited about the Meyer Lemon because I love the smell and taste of lemon. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Lemony, of course, but balanced with other citrus flavors and lemongrass, too.

Peppermint tea is always so refreshing. Stash’s peppermint is the perfect midday pick-me-up when you don’t want caffeine but need a little something to wake up your brain.

The Organic Lavender Tulsi is a spicy lavender tea. I had to look up tulsi! It has a pretty interesting history. This tea is not overly flowery or overly spicy, really a perfect blend of the two flavors. Delish.

And the chamomile? Still a favorite.

How about you? Any favorite teas to share? I love recommendations!

PS: I wasn’t compensated in any way for this review. I just love Stash Tea! : )

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