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The State of the Garden

. . . and all the other posts I wish I had time and energy to write.

Gentle reader, I have so many words floating around in my head, and I desperately want to sit down and compose them in some semblance of order. But oh, the excuses. Holidays, papers to grade, family event after family event. I draft in Evernote, and I’ve got about a million (by that I mean exactly 9) posts started that I just haven’t gotten off the ground. I want to tell you about books I’ve read lately, that I joined Thrive Market and love it, why spring is my favorite season, how I cannot get the hang of the new Influence Network system (which is awesome and provides even more great content for members, but old dog / new tricks . . . you know the drill).

Yet I just haven’t had the brain cells to complete anything. So here we are, with pictures of my garden.

Remember my little peat pods? Well, I definitely don’t recommend using them because I did have problems with fungus, but the little guys who made it are doing well. So well, in fact, that I got really confident and ordered one of these. We call it our Victory Garden, sometimes I refer to myself as an urban farmer . . . yes, it’s safe to say it’s provided all kinds of humor around our household. And perhaps someday it will provide vegetables because LOOK:


We’ve got lettuce, summer squash, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, and garden beans planted in here and starting to sprout! I actually didn’t even bother starting these inside because it was already pretty warm out, so the seeds I started in pods—well, the ones that made it—are in various pots around the porch / yard. The Victory Garden is doing so well.


I mean, look at these cucumber shoots! Shoots? Is that even the right word? I don’t know, but what I lack in expertise, I make up for in enthusiasm.


Actual, honest–to–goodness cucumbers, just growing from seeds. Unbelievable. I think back to the Boston fern I had a few years ago—may it rest in peace—and I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

Until next time, gentle reader. May you have more energy and coherent thoughts than I do at the moment. I hope to get back in the rhythm of blogging because I enjoy it so much, but I also want to write stuff worth sharing. In the meantime, any thoughts or favorite resources for when you’re stuck? I’m all ears.

And by that I do not mean I’m planting corn next. Wink.

2 thoughts on “The State of the Garden

  1. I was so happy when I saw a new post from you! I’m in a similar season of having lots of notes for blog posts, but never actually postings them. Craziness!

    I love your Victory Garden though, it makes me happy. Your comment on “Urban Farming” reminded me of an old show called Good Neighbors, have you ever heard of it? It’s my husband’s favorite. It’s all about this British couple that decides to quite their day job and instead be self sufficient. They turn their front yard into a big garden, and have a variety of animals in their backyard. So fun!

    And I’m curious about Thrive Market. Tell me more! My husband and I were talking about trying something like that after we move (since we’re losing our favorite local grocer 🙁

    1. Thanks so much, Meg! I know what you mean–so many ideas, but none of them coming to fruition!

      I’ve never heard of Good Neighbors, but I’ll have to check it out. It sounds great!

      Thrive Market is WONDERFUL. It’s all nonperishable items, so I’m still getting produce at the CSA market and meat and eggs from the regular grocery, but Thrive is perfect for stuff like crackers, pasta, cooking and baking ingredients, etc. And it’s the same stuff you see at Whole Foods and places like that (you know, places that tend to be overpriced). But the pricing is so, so good. It’s all online, so no overhead, and the cost of membership comes to $5 / month. Plus, they offer free memberships to teachers, students, and military–great news for y’all, right? They have lots of kid foods, too, so definitely worth checking out. Let me know what you think! And best of luck with the move!

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