Custom Meal-Planning Board

As I mentioned last week, I recently upgraded our meal planning board. Our old one was a trooper til the end, but it started coming apart and needed to be replaced.

Check out this guy:

new meal board

Without further ado, here’s the tutorial!

What you’ll need

-a plain marker board
-measuring tape
-painters’ tape or an index card
-paint pens or permanent markers
-labels with days of the week, to do, and meal
-stickers and clear tape (optional)

Start with a plain marker board. I got this one for $5 and really liked the size and shape of it.

MPB step 1

Measure the long side and divide by 8. My board is 14″ long, so my columns are 1.75″ each. Use a dry erase marker to make a dot every 1.75″. Then scoot the measuring tape down and make another row of dots 1.75″ apart.

MPB step 2

Use painters’ tape or an index card to draw lines to make columns, using the dots as a guide to make straight lines. Let the first coat of paint pen dry.

MPB step 3

I thought about using washi tape to make the columns, but I worried that it would get grey and smudgy from all the erasing. But if you’re careful about your erasing, this would be an easy way to dress up your meal planning board.

Trace over the lines with another coat of paint pen.

MPB step 4

You can also add horizontal line(s) as desired.

Next, add labels. I used one of my favorite fonts from This font is called Pea Sugar Noodles. Cover labels with a layer of clear tape.

I added stickers over the now-sideways logo to cover it and make the board a little cuter. I covered the stickers with a layer of clear tape, too.

MPB stuff

Voila! Easy, right?

new meal board

There are so many ways to customize this! You could use a label maker or magnetic letters. You could use different colors or patterns to make the lines. If you have roommates who pitch in with meals or kids old enough to help, you could get a bigger marker board and add a spot for who’s chopping, who’s setting the table, and who’s doing the dishes. : )

What household projects have you been up to lately? Any crafty inspiration to share?

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