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Blog post ideas . . . I have them, I assure you, but I just haven’t had the discipline to get them drafted. And I can’t really play the new baby / tired / no free time card because the fact of the matter is that he naps pretty well and pretty regularly, and I’ve been using that time effectively, just not for blogging.

Side note, and forgive me if I’ve asked this before: Are blogs dead? The internet at large says yes. It kind of cracks me up when people refer to blogs as “old school” because hi, the internet is still sorta new, you guys, but I’ve learned that I’m supposed to be micro–blogging via Instagram and Tweeting because people don’t have the attention spans for posts. I’ve also learned that I need to work on branding myself, which sounds hot and rather painful, so clearly I’ve missed the boat on everything.

Personally, I’m still a fan of blogs, as both a writer and a reader. I started this blog as a way to seek gratitude and happiness in everyday life, and while I know it’s strayed from its original format, it still serves an important purpose for me.

Back on track, self.

So yes, post ideas. I’m thinking that posting once a week is beyond reasonable and manageable, and while I won’t commit to it being the same day every week, I think a weekly hey–how’s–it–going would be a good practice for me.

And because accountability is a good thing, here are some ideas I’ve had:


  • Favorite items from Thrive Market (and why their app is everything)
  • Organizing kids’ clothing
  • “Our needs have changed” (a little bit about letting go of what doesn’t work anymore after major life changes)


  • Choosing the right luggage and travel gear
  • Not packing everything you own, even with a baby (this post will NOT include packing for the beach because we DID bring everything we own that time)
  • Disney World with a baby
  • Disney Cruise with a toddler
  • Figuring out what you really need in your diaper bag


  • Favorite beauty products (most of which are natural)
  • A short series in getting ready quickly (i.e., low maintenance hair, 5 minute makeup, a few products that have helped)
  • How Project 333 shaped my maternity and nursing wardrobes
  • Out–and–about mom style (I just can’t seem to get into the whole “athleisure” style thing, so I’ve figured out what works well for me and think it might be helpful to share)
  • Simple upgrades (I’ve learned I’m really vain and shallow and feel like garbage if I hang out around the house in sweatpants, so I’ve got a few “trade old t–shirts for these cute tees” kinds of posts—all groundbreaking stuff, clearly)

Deeper, less vapid posts

  • It’s the fourth year of EfM, so it would be nice to post theology–related thoughts once in a while. I really miss when She Reads Truth did the She Shares Truth linkups (I miss a lot about the old She Reads Truth, actually, but that’s another story). Those got me thinking and writing theologically, which was a good spiritual practice for me. Plus, I loved getting to read what others wrote on the same topics, and I found several new favorite blogs through those linkups.
  • Reading Lately—I’ve read a lot since my last Reading Lately post, but you’d never know from my blog.

Anything you’d like to see? I think what I love most as a blog reader is when bloggers share little, seemingly insignificant stuff from everyday life, peppered with how it shapes their worldview, for lack of a better word. I’m not crazy about blogs that are too specific about a certain topic, and I can’t click away fast enough from bloggers who try to come across as experts, and I think those personal preferences shape what I end up blogging about.

Oh, and I love a good “what’s in her bag” post, of course. ; ) So let me know if there’s anything you’re dying to read about. I hope to see you around here again soon.

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