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A few things that have been working for me lately

Hard-boiled eggs 

I started keeping a bowl of these in the fridge back when I was pregnant, and I’ve kept up that trick for quick, easy protein, for both me and the toddler.

Drinking enough water

I think I’ve mentioned before that this is a struggle for me. I’ve used apps like iHydrate, which is great, but I’m trying to look at my phone as little as possible. And one of my biggest stumbling blocks was that our purifier chills water and I prefer room temp, so I found a simple solution to both problems:

After we’ve cleaned the kitchen before bed, I fill a covered pitcher with water and leave it on the counter overnight. My goal each day is to finish it. I don’t bother counting ounces from my usual herbal tea or water I drank at a restaurant / friend’s house if we were out and about. Too complicated. Those are lagniappe. I can’t believe how well this is working.

I’m sensitive to caffeine and have to monitor how much I have each day. And coffee makes me anxious—even decaf—so I usually drink black or green tea. I’ve been really sluggish and irritable lately, and I think it’s because I simply wasn’t getting enough caffeine for these toddler years.

Enter the least healthy part of my diet: Crystal Light Pure Energy. It’s one of those “better than some alternatives and marketed with healthy words but not actually that healthy” products, which is fine with me, honestly. It’s working, I’m getting things done, I know just how much caffeine I’ve had, etc. Love it.


Not sure what I did to upset the shorts gods but not a single pair out there even remotely fits, much less looks flattering. I can get away with jeans or dresses for church and the one day a week I work / have meetings, but I’m kind of limited for my storytime, playground, neighborhood tricycle rides lifestyle. Hashtag glamour.

I have two of these Danskin Now skorts, grey and navy, and I wear them with tees and tanks. I always look a little like I’m either coming from or going to a tennis match, which let me assure you is never, ever the case, but I’m kind of over it. Plus they are the first name in comfort.

The library

Always and forever. We’ve been checking out board books, DVDs of Oscar winners, and Kindle books with abandon, and the toddler and I spend quite a few mornings a week at storytime and playtime.

Taking a look at the week ahead

Meal planning has been a part of my weekly routine for years now, but I’ve started taking a little extra time to look ahead at what we have going on in terms of family events, church activities, aforementioned library stuff, etc. I’ve also been taking a minute or two to look back at the previous week. All the cliches about these years with young kids flying by are true, and glancing back at what we did each week is helping with that. My favorite planner at the moment is this one, and while I’m not a fan of the name because the illusion of doing it all bothers me, I like the various spaces available for meal planning, daily activities, birthdays and other reminders. I also use one space to write down household things I’ve done that week.

That’s it for now. What’s working well in your neck of the woods?

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