We are well into the hustle and bustle of Holy Week over here, but I figured I’d pop in and say that I just had an enormous Amazon package delivered, and it feels great.

I am a classic under-buyer, and given that my word for 2018 is less—please note I even wrote specifically about ordering less from Amazon—I think my under-buying is at an all-time high. Yikes. Not a good thing, even in the midst of being a careful consumer and trying to live with less.

You know how you get to that point where you have nothing in your house that you need? And I’m talking about real NEEDS here, stuff like toilet paper and sponges and cleaning supplies. We passed that point a few weeks ago.

I finally reached my breaking point on Tuesday, moved a few items from my shopping list into my cart, and ordered. I had that sinking feeling I often get when accumulating things. Ugh. But it was time. It was past time.

And now the stuff is here, and I’m realizing it isn’t “stuff” at all. It’s a few household goods that we truly needed, goods that will help me run this place without losing my mind.

What a relief.

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