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An Inspired Season: Introduction

Hi, everyone! Have you read about Katie’s and Bailey’s blog series, An Inspired Season? It looks like lots of fun and they’re both bloggers I really like, so I thought I’d hop on board.

Here’s today’s prompt: Introduce yourself by writing your biography as if being interviewed for The New York Times, sharing your history, accomplishments, and where you are right now. Complete it with what you would want it to say in the future (biggest dreams and goals included) in italics.

I rewrote this post about 20 times before I remembered something embarrassing but true about my history with the ole’ NYT.

I usually turn straight to the puzzles and cartoons.

Here’s something a little different to help you get to know me. Psst: If you need a hint, most of the answers are somewhere on my Instagram. ; )


2. class I’m taking this summer
4. the Bible study I’m working on this summer
7. I’ve spent most of my adult life enrolled in this (2 words)
9. my favorite celebrity chef
10. I make these or find them at garage sales
13. my aunt and I had one yesterday (2 words)
14. my favorite British author and the subject of my thesis
16. I just got back from here
18. my favorite craft
19. I do most of my reading on this device
20. my favorite place to visit
21. my favorite social media

1. food I can never get enough of
3. my job (2 words)
5. what’s on my favorite flip flops (2 words)
6. my husband and I just bought one (3 words)
8. type of pet I have
11. continent where I traveled last summer
12. what we eat every Friday (3 words)
15. my favorite hobby
17. what I’m constantly doing when it comes to stuff

Won’t you join in the fun? #aninspiredseason

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