Seamless: Week Two


This week, we continued working through Genesis with a careful focus on the patriarchs. I noticed quite a bit in what we read that stood out to me and really made me think, so I’ll probably do an in–depth post about those chapters / verses later this week. For now, the questions!

1. What is distinctive about a covenant? In other words, what makes it so important?

In Hebrew oral tradition, covenants are promises God makes to His people (and keeps, of course). While we may not have the same exact experiences as what we read about here—unless God IS appearing to you and promising you certain things, in which case I’m jealous and I’d love to hear more about that—we have the same assurance: our God is a god who keeps His promises to His people. He loves us more than we can possibly comprehend, and He will never leave us or forget about us or stop caring about us. He is, quite literally, awesome.

2. What is one name you think of when talking about yourself? What is a name you pray could replace it?

I remember writing about this during a She Shares Truth series from She Reads Truth. It was a topic that struck me because I realized how often I think of myself in terms of my roles. Rather than think of myself as “Lauren,” the way God thinks of me, I often think of myself as “wife,” “teacher,” “tea–drinker,” or “best aunt ever” (seriously, just ask my nieces and nephew). While I may place value in my earthly roles, they don’t even compare to what God values. Sure, He’s probably pleased when the way I’m fulfilling those roles also serves Him, but He sees me outside of those identities. He knew me before I was born and marked me as His own. When I get caught up in who I think I am, I need to remember who I am to Him.

While I’m not up for any literal name changes, I would love to be “spreader of His joy” or “example of His grace.” I’m trying to focus my actions and words so that they are better reflections of those concepts.

3. What is something new you learned this week?

Honestly, I’m just thankful for a study on the patriarchs! Seamless is truly helping me to see the thread that binds scripture. All of the figures we read about this week were familiar to me, but only on their own, not in the greater context of the Old Testament. I’m finally seeing how they relate to one another.

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