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Delicious Twist on Iced Tea

I’m a fan of a nice glass of iced tea on a hot afternoon. The old school over–the–stove–then–chill method works for me, as do those family–sized tea bags, especially the ones that make iced green tea.

Brew the tea in a pot that isn’t stainless steel or aluminum. (Or brew it in whatever pot you want; I once heard that stainless steel or aluminum will add a metallic taste to the tea, but this isn’t something I’ve tested with ye olde scientific method or anything.)

Sweeten with raw sugar while the tea is still hot because the sugar will dissolve more quickly (umm, I think—again, no scientific method at work here.)

I had a few strawberries that were just barely too ripe, so I sliced them up and added them to the chilled tea. Then I juiced two lemons and added the lemon juice, too.

Don’t tell me what you’re thinking because I already know. “But Lauren, you haven’t shown us a poorly–lit iPhone picture of this insanely complicated beverage! How on Earth will we know what tea in a glass looks like?”

Don’t fret, gentle reader. I didn’t forget about you.

Feast your eyes.


I tried long and hard to think of a witty name for this drink—you know, because this post wasn’t already enough of a waste of anyone’s time—but it’s kind of already called an Arnold Palmer (at least the iced tea + lemonade is). So then I tried to think of something clever that incorporated the strawberries…

Strawberry Arnold Palmer?

Arnold Palmer Gets Fruity?

Arnold Palmer Meets a Strawberry Blonde? (Because then if you added vodka it could be Arnold Palmer and a Strawberry Blonde Walk into a Bar.)

I’ll stop. But please go enjoy this lovely iced tea.

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