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My 2014 Vision Statement

I’ve been slowly but surely working through Lara Casey’s PowerSheets, and I’m glad I didn’t rush through them. At first, I thought about rushing to get them done so I could start the monthly tabs in January. I know I would have regretted that in the long run! Slowing down helped me to be more intentional, and I’m excited that February will be my first month to work on goals related to my vision statement.

vision statement

So without further ado, here is my vision statement for 2014:

I will make gratitude my number one priority. I will actively seek ministry opportunities and shine that light in the special way I am meant to. I will filter input. I will think carefully about the choices I make in terms of how I spend my time online, the people with whom I cultivate relationships, and the way I deal with the difficult people I just can’t avoid. I will walk in love. I will approach people with grace. I will take care of myself. I will continue meal planning and cooking healthy, delicious food. I will create a workout routine so that I can be physically healthier and enjoy the benefits of less stress, better sleep, and more happiness. I will cultivate happiness in myself and in others.

Please share your vision plans in the comments! And if you’d like an accountability / encouragement / achieved-goal-celebrating partner, let me know!

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