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On my heart during Lent

As I mentioned yesterday, I need Lent. I know that Lent can be a touchy subject–it’s not a part of all faith communities, and people often see it as going against the grace and forgiveness we’re supposed to cling to as Christians. Lent can be polarizing, really. I don’t have an answer for why this is, but I think it has something to do with how Lent is presented or explained. Unfortunately, it can sound like a time to punish ourselves, to feel guilt and shame, to deny ourselves the grace of God.

For me, Lent has never been about those things. Lent has always been about waiting, preparing, listening, and hoping, and I’d like to share some of the ways I’ll be doing those things during this Lenten season.

lent stuff

Lent Journal: I ordered this Naptime Diaries Lent Journal a few weeks ago, and it is beautiful! I love how simple and thought-provoking it is. And while it is a 40-day journal, it’s not just for Lent–you can use it any time!

Daniel Fast: I will be following a Daniel Fast during the first 21 days of Lent. You can read more about how it will be featured on the blog here.

She Reads Truth devotionals: I am a huge fan of She Reads Truth, and I love this new assignment–members of the SRT community writing their own devotionals! You can read more about the assignment at the end of this post, and I’m looking forward to sharing my devotional for Psalm 130 tomorrow. I hope to participate every week, not only for the chance to write devotionals, which is something I’ve never done before, but also for the chance to read what others have written. Very, very exciting stuff.

Restless by Jennie Allen: I just downloaded Jennie Allen’s Restless on my Kindle, and I can’t wait to jump into this new book. I’ve heard great reviews of the guidance and encouragement it offers. This is a season in my life when I am trying to listen to God and truly follow His guidance, and this book sounds like a good match for this season.

What do you have on your heart this Lent? How are you preparing for the greatest story of death and resurrection? Share in the comments!

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