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What do you need to bless and release?

A friend of mine used the phrase “bless and release” the other day, and while I normally eyeroll anything that sounds like blogspeak, I really liked it. It has a similar purpose to “just let it go” or “get over it,” but I think it’s so much more positive and maybe even a little empowering. It reminds me of the KonMari method of thanking something for its service before getting rid of it, recognizing that it served a purpose in your life for a time but isn’t anymore.

I’ve been finding myself thinking about new habits and goals I’d like to pursue in the new year, and I’m realizing that there are some things I need to bless and release first. Unrealistic expectations, putting energy where it isn’t best used, certain relationships that don’t look the way I’d hoped—all of these come to mind, especially during the holiday season, when all the little aspects of life seem magnified. I’m thinking about writing down the specifics in a journal and finding ways to make myself move forward without the weight of them.

I thought I’d share that phrase here in case it helps you find a good end to 2017 and a fresh slate for 2018. Merry Christmas, friends!

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