Good gift-giving advice

I thought about putting together a gift guide of consumable gifts or maybe writing about attempting to keep simplicity as a part of everyday life even during the holidays, but I thought maybe I’d just share some good, solid gift-giving advice in case you’re a) shopping for a little relative / friend, or b) the parent of a little one and looking for an easy way to guide family members who may get a bit overzealous.

If it’s living, electronic, or bigger than a breadbox, ask the parents first.

I’ve written and deleted a million different disclaimers to assure you that I’m neither a Grinch nor an ungracious gift recipient, but I think they distract from the advice, which I promise is really, really good.

That’s it for now. If you have any other happy, positive ways to keep holidays with kids funĀ and simple, I’d so love to hear them!

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