CSA Box: June 13

Read more about why I love CSA and locally–grown fruits and veggies here.

Tired of pictures of my groceries yet? Too bad. The box has been killing it lately.

This week’s box:


  • 3 summer squash
  • 2 creole tomatoes
  • Cantaloupe
  • Bell pepper
  • 2 red potatoes
  • Cucumber
  • 2 heirloom tomatoes
  • 5 peaches (first of the season!)
  • 3 ears of sweet corn
  • 2 pattypan squash (which I did not mean to arrange so suggestively)

As always, lovely produce for $25.

I didn’t get any a la carte items this week, but the grocery store had 2 for 1 blueberries, so my mouth is pretty much stained purple for the rest of the week. C’est la summer vie.

Meal plan:

  • Monday: Crock pot pork roast, brown rice, summer squash
  • Tuesday: Leftovers
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti (details below)
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: Wine & cheese or maybe just leftovers because this is going to make A LOT of food

I’m using ground turkey as the meat in the spaghetti sauce, then sauteeing onion and garlic, adding chopped pattypan squash / bell pepper / mushroom, then working in all those tomatoes (the ones from the box AND yet another batch from my parents’ garden). I’ll add a little basil from my own garden, too. And if I end up with enough to freeze for later—fabulous!

The cantaloupe is chopped and waiting in the fridge, and the peaches are disappearing at an alarming rate. I’ll probably hang on to the potatoes til next week, and we’ll see if we feel like grilling something this weekend. I love corn on the grill.

Have peaches hit your neck of the woods yet?

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