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Gardening Attempt #637 + a printable for you

I’ve probably mentioned before that I don’t have much of a green thumb, but I really love fresh flowers and herbs and want to be able to grow them. Luckily, there were mature rosemary and mint plants in our garden when we moved into our new house, and it seems the previous owners also planted anything that would withstand sub–tropical weather, full evening sun, and utter neglect (thank you, previous owners!). Aside from putting in some lantana and mums in the front, we’ve really done nothing with the gardens, but what was here is going strong.

Something even started blooming in the backyard last week. Isn’t that nice?


I’ve been reading about gardening and even took a Craftsy¬†class on container gardening. Fingers crossed something goes right this time.


Seeds are cheap, so I decided to give them a shot. I gathered up a bunch of seeds—flowers, herbs, even a few vegetables because I got really confident for some reason—and other necessary supplies.


I got two of those Jiffy greenhouses—the 72 pod ones, because again, unwarranted confidence—and set to work planning. I’ve since read varying reviews of Jiffy pods and am now having to be extra cautious about mold growth, so you may want to read up a bit before following my totally blind lead here.

I sketched out about how many pods I thought I’d need for each type of seed.



Then I sectioned them off with washi tape. I actually don’t recommend this method unless you realize that the washi tape will get wet and come unstuck.


I mean, I realized that. Totally. Ahem.

I also typed up some seed labels and taped them to toothpicks.


I said a prayer, crossed my fingers, and threw a little salt over my shoulder. Then I got to work.

And now we’re a week in, and look what we’ve got!



I decided to make a chart to keep track of what will sprout when as well as when to transplant the little fellas.


And of course I decided to share it with you. If you want to return the favor in the form of gardening advice, I’m all ears.

The font on the growing chart is Pea Ashley Grace from Fonts for Peas.

Down-to-Earthy Planting Chart

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