life lately

Life Lately

. . . and a warning that I’m awkward at sharing big news.

The garden is just glorious. Glorious, I tell you! I still can’t believe things are growing out of the earth (you know, like they have for millions of years).


Recent harvest. (Yes, it’s about half a serving.)


I’m thinking about entering our dog in a napping contest. She’s got to be some kind of Olympian.

Opened her eyes long enough to wonder why I dared interrupt her slumber.

Still loving Thrive Market like crazy. Post to come.


Started a new book and a new bible study to get me through the end of the school year, which was bittersweet. It’s always bittersweet but was especially tough because it’s going to be my last year teaching for a while.


In very much related news, we’re working on turning our home office into a nursery.


I’m still kind of in disbelief. I’ll spare you the details, but we were reaching the point of wondering if this would happen or not. And now we’re utterly overjoyed but still a bit shocked because it just seemed so out of reach.

And in some weird way it makes my heart ache. For so long, every time I heard someone else was pregnant, it stung a bit. I know that’s selfish, but sometimes emotions are like that, you know? On the outside, I was as happy and gracious as possible, but I couldn’t help but think of my own situation and feel a sort of emptiness.

Now that I’m in the opposite situation, I can’t help but feel a little ache because I know what it’s like to hear someone else’s news and hope and wish and pray so desperately that it were your own.

So there it is. My joy and my guilt. Women, huh? We are really something. ; )

I can promise you that this won’t become a mommy blog overnight (or ever, really). I mean, who are we kidding? This blog has never had a sense of direction or purpose! In fact, I’m hoping to make this one of the [few] things in my life that remains my own now that there will be an infant in the picture. I hope to keep chronicling my life, sharing my heart, and connecting with people who help me see the good in the world. No doubt my life will be changing, but I like to think it always is, in big and little ways.

And that’s it, you guys! Preparing for what will probably be the hottest summer of my life as I haul around this little furnace . . . ; )

8 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Congratulations! As someone who waited and waited and then adopted 2 children, I understand your emotions. Life will never be the same, – and that’s a good thing!

    1. Thanks so much! And thank you for the encouragement. I feel like I’m learning so much about grace and hope and letting God work in our lives however He sees best. It’s a humbling experience. And yes, such a good one!

  2. Oh, FRIEND!!!! This news makes me well up with tears of pure JOY! I can’t wait to see this nuggets face and watch you blossom into a Mama.

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