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Life Lately

Oh, hi there! How’s it been? How’s 2017 treating you?

Springtime is really showing off here lately. I’ve been planting herbs and veggies and have been meaning to get to the flowers but just haven’t yet. I’m hoping to plant zinnias and lots and lots of wildflowers to help with the whole bee population thing.

I’ve got a whole bunch of posts floating around—some drafted, some in notes form, some just in my head—and I’m hoping to get myself on more of a writing schedule.  My sweet baby boy will be seven months old tomorrow and is sleeping pretty well these days, which is prompting me to think about the time I don’t spend playing or reading board books or feeding or marveling at every little thing he does. I’m trying to spend those little minutes when I have two hands doing something besides scrolling through Instagram. Crafting has taken the front seat lately, but I finally feel like I’m back in the headspace for writing, too.

Speaking of crafting, we’re going to Disney World in a few weeks, so that’s been inspiring most of what I’m making. I’m a bit apprehensive about WDW with such a young baby—this is a family trip that’s been in the works since before I was pregnant—but I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Anyway, I found a remnant of Vera Bradley Disney fabric on eBay, and it’s *just* big enough to use to make an Ergo drool cover.

Anyone else listen to theme park music loops around the house to get excited for a trip? We would totally never do something so lame; I was just asking if you did. Ahem.

I’m also working on refinishing a card catalog. More on that later. The goal is to get it at least sanded before it gets too hot to think about being outside for long spans of time unless it’s in a pool.

How’s your life lately? I’ve missed y’all. Instagram is a fun place to keep in touch, but I’m happy to be back on the blog, too.

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