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Poshmark Review: Buyer’s Perspective

I reviewed selling on Poshmark in this post. Today, I’ll be reviewing from a buyer’s perspective. This is a long post, so you may want to skip if you aren’t interested in buying on Poshmark. ; )

Poshmark Buying PROS

1. Finding items that are no longer available via retail

Fell in love with that J. Crew top but they never had your size? Waited for that dress to go on sale and missed out entirely? Yep, we’ve all been there before, and Poshmark is a great place to find the very items you love but are no longer in stock.

It’s surprisingly easy to find the very item you’re looking for, especially if it was recently in stock. Many of the sellers on Poshmark are people who love fashion, trends, and shopping, so they often purchase an item via retail, wear it a few times, then sell it on Poshmark. I’ve seen several listings where the item is still available via retail, but the buyer has it priced just a bit lower.

If you know what the item was called when it was in stock, say, “embroidered tassel top in chambray,” you have a good chance of finding it under the same description.

2. Setting your size

When you first download and set up the app, you’re able to set your sizes in tops, bottoms, dresses, and shoes. You can even set multiple sizes, like if you’re a 4 at one store, a 6 at another, etc.

When you search for items, Poshmark filters the listings based on the sizes you set. That way you don’t have that moment of joy when you find the exact sandals you wanted followed by the moment of disappointment when you realize they’re 5 sizes too big.

3. Spending your balance

When you sell on Poshmark, you have options regarding what you make from your sales. You can collect the money via check or direct deposit, or you can put it toward your own purchases on Poshmark.

I like this option because it makes me feel like I’m getting an item for free if I purchase it with the balance.

4. Saving money

Do I even need to explain this one? ; ) If you’re willing to search, be patient, and negotiate, you can get great deals on Poshmark.


Poshmark Buying CONS

1. Pretty pictures from the retailer

Poshmark allows you to post 4 pictures of the item, a covershot you can use filters on, then 3 additional photos. I don’t care much for their filters, but it’s nice to have the option.

Some sellers are really professional about their listings. These sellers have great photos of themselves wearing the item, plus close-ups of details. I imagine they sell items quickly and often.

And then there are sellers who capitalize on the professional photos the retailers took. You’ll see pretty quickly that people use the screenshot of the item on the retailer’s website, which looks amazing, of course, but can be misleading. Some people use that as the covershot, then upload their own photos of the actual item they own, which I think is fair. It grabs attention in the Poshmark feed, but it also gives honest pics of the item for sale.

But some people only use the retailers’ photos, which seems a bit sketchy. You’ll see in the comments that interested buyers often ask for pictures of the actual item before they’ll purchase. Smart move, in my opinion. You don’t want to run the risk of the real item being damaged or different in some way.

2. The point of no return

Poshmark only allows returns on items that don’t match the seller’s description. If you receive an item and it doesn’t fit quite like you’d hoped, you’re stuck with it.

I’m very particular about my wardrobe because I have such limited space, so I like having the option to return something if it isn’t quite right. Poshmark isn’t the kind of marketplace for that.

3. Dishonest listings

So here’s the story of the only negative experience I’ve had on Poshmark. Consider it a cautionary tale, and learn from my naivete.

I was searching for a certain J. Crew dress and was thrilled to find it in my size. I immediately searched the whole closet of the seller, and I found that she had lots of sales and plenty of followers, so I figured she was honest and reliable.

She had another dress listed that I really liked, as well as a chambray tunic that was pretty cute. I had recently sold quite a few items, so I planned to use my balance to purchase the 3 items. I asked about bundling and she made a great offer, so I took it and purchased the bundle.

I was so excited.

When the package arrived, I couldn’t wait to try on the items. As I took them out of the envelope, they seemed a bit worn, like they’d been washed and dried many times. This was one of those sellers who used only the retailers’ photos, and I could see why. Lesson #1: Ask for pictures of the actual items.

I decided to try on the J. Crew dress I’d searched for first. When I unfolded it, I realized there was a spot on the left shoulder (it kind of looked like spilled coffee that hadn’t washed out). I had read the description carefully and didn’t remember anything like, “By the way, there’s a spot on the shoulder where coffee didn’t wash out. See the 3rd photo for a close–up,” which is what sellers normally do if there is damage to an item.

I opened the app and saw that there was, indeed, a description of the spot. Amidst my confusion, it dawned on me. The seller had changed the description after I’d said I was interested.

See, she set up the bundle on another item’s listing. When I made the purchase, I didn’t reread all 3 listings; I simply purchased the bundle itself. Lessons #2 and 3: Ask about damage. Also, take screenshots of items and their descriptions before you purchase.

I’m kind of a laundry rock star, I’ll have you know, so I remained optimistic. If anyone could get that stain out, I could.

And then I tried on the dress. And hilarity ensued.

The dress was 100% cotton, and it was pretty clear that it had been through the dryer a few times. On the highest setting. And maybe washed in hot water. And maybe would fit a six–year–old really well but looked ridiculous on me.

It was unwearable. I even tried looking at the hem to see if it could be let out, but there was nothing I could do.

I tried on the next dress, and it was the same story. The tunic fit, but it was so washed out that I knew I’d only wear it around the house. Sigh.

I went through the Poshmark system for when things like this happen. It was time–consuming, of course, and I wished I’d taken screenshots so they could see what happened with the descriptions changing.

At first, Poshmark denied my claim. They said that the items’ tags showed they were the sizes listed, so the sale was fair. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

So I emailed them back. I explained once again how these items had shrunken tremendously. In the first claim, the one they’d denied, I’d included pictures of myself wearing the items so they could see that they were clearly not right. In the second claim, I found the J. Crew measurements of the items and included pictures of the items I received with a measuring tape from shoulder to hem. Then it became clear that the items were much smaller than they should have been.

Poshmark honored this claim, sending me a label to return the items to the seller and refunding my money. Thank goodness. I was pleased with their service the second time around, and the return was quick and (almost) painless. The seller commented on the bundle, asking me what happened, and it was awkward explaining that the items had shrunken to someone who clearly knew that was the case.

But I’m glad I did this because it was unfair and dishonest.

The seller? She relisted the items as soon as she received the return. In any case, Lesson #4: Ask for specific measurements of items, especially those that are 100% cotton.

I still use Poshmark and recommend selling and buying on it, but be smart about it, okay? Be an honest seller and a careful buyer.

What about you? Any thoughts on Poshmark? Please share in the comments.

Read my Poshmark selling review here.

47 thoughts on “Poshmark Review: Buyer’s Perspective

  1. Great post! I had the same experience, except I traded with the seller. That was a big mistake! I ended up donating all of the items because they were all too small on me. Now I only purchase items I know are in good condition.

  2. I know this post is old, but I just had my first buyer open a case against me and it’s really bothering me. You see I had first tried Threadflip’s Full Service. They examine the items you send in. Weed out any undesirable brands. Anything with damage. Etc. Then they post it. If it doesn’t sell, you pay $10 to have it (and anything else from the same haul) sent back.

    They priced these NWT BCBG silk pants at $60 (originally $188). They didn’t sell. I got them back. I know they were in no way damaged.

    I sold them on Poshmark for $15.

    I have a claim filed against me that they were stained, damaged, or broken (it doesn’t say which specifically). Only I *KNOW* from examining them and the fact that Threadflip allowed them on their Full Service Verified that there was nothing wrong.

    The fit on those pants (and extreme color… and the fact they’re aqua silk pants) was why I was selling them. I think it might have been buyer’s remorse and she damaged them or made them appear damaged in screenshots to Posh.

    I sent them a screenshot of the item when it was on Threadflip… but I don’t know if that will work…

    Have you ever had any such experience?

    1. Ohhhh, wow. I’m so sorry to hear this. How awful! I’ve only had experience as a buyer with the seller misrepresenting the item, and while I wasn’t thrilled with how Poshmark handled it at first, they did eventually sort it out.

      I hope the people at Poshmark realize how easy it would be for someone with buyer’s remorse to damage an item and claim it was damaged in hopes of getting their money back, but I wonder how they deal with it. Certainly the verification from Threadflip should work in your favor, right?

      Please keep me posted on what happens with this situation. I’m curious about how they handle it. Good luck! I hope it works out for you.

  3. Hi! I just had a buyer open a case on me too. I put plenty of pictures of the item and described it to the best of my ability. She never asked me any questions about the item and just made an offer that I accepted and now she’s complaining. I did everything correctly so I hope Poshmark is fair with me. My question to you is how long did they take to respond because this buyer basically has my item or my earnings held hostage. I want either one or the other. Its been over a week.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this! It took about a week for me to hear back the first time around, then another 5 days to hear their response to my appeal. Please keep me posted about how they handle your case. I’m curious to know more about how they work.

      And good luck!

    2. How long did it finally take for them to respond back? A buyer just opened a case against me but I have no idea what I did wrong!

  4. Hi Lauren, I came to this post to see any tips you had. As a buyer I’m currently in a weird situation.
    I found a pair of shorts I really loved! At a really cheap price. As you mentioned, the seller had the retail cover picture. I asked for the “actual” shorts and she put a picture up with no problem. I asked to hold it for me for next week. However….
    Upon looking around poshmark for any deals, I found the same shorts. They are sold by a completely different person, and a little higher price.
    The problem here is that both of the listings have the same exact picture! I have compared side by side and it is without a doubt the same picture. I am totally confused as to who is the original owner.
    What would you suggest in my situation? I am totally looking forward to buying the shorts but have no idea how to go about this.
    However I do believe the person with the retail picture took the second person’s picture and may or may not be hiding stains/rips? I have screen shotted her description which says “good condition”, and asked for more details.

    1. That is so strange! Could it be the same person? or maybe friends who post each other’s listings in hopes of increased exposure / sales? So weird.

      I would do exactly what you did–take screenshots and ask for more details. I’d ask the seller with the lower price for a specific close-up of something, maybe a detail of how the seam is sewn or what the button looks like (anything, even if it sounds ridiculous). Then see if the other listing adds the same oddly specific picture. Document everything with screenshots, for sure.

      If you end up buying them, see if the other seller still has them listed. If it’s the same seller with two shops or two different sellers with the same listings, they run the risk of scamming someone sooner or later, you know?

      Please keep me posted! I’d love to know how this turns out. Good luck!

  5. I am a fairly new user to PM, and have seen the good and the bad. A mystery box seller represented their box as a JCrew box, then when I mentioned my sizes and that I love JCrew and Ann Taylor, she changed the box to an Ann Taylor style box. The pictures she posted were from JCrew and she says she would put things in the box like the ones in the picture.
    I get the box and the items are at least 10 years old in style and clearly none from higher end shops like she represented. One of the items, a dress, is nice (H&M) but the rest is stuff I see at Good Will all the time. I’m chalking it up to a lesson learned, but it still irritates me. I had bought two boxes from two different sellers and the second one was great. She was very clear, answered all of my questions and even asked ME questions!
    I’ve seen a lot of people who have both negative and positive experiences with PoshMark. I think it just depends. In a way, I now know to ask a lot more questions and to make sure I get to see ACTUAL pictures from the persons closet before buying from anyone else again!

  6. Hi! I have a question about poshmark. When i go to my balance., what is the difference between “credit” & “redeemable”
    & if i make a purchase, am i allowed to used my “credit” or “redeemable” money?

    1. According to Poshmark, they charge credit first, then redeemable. They’ll still ask for a credit card, but they won’t charge you if your purchase is covered by credit and/or redeemable.

      I’m not sure what the difference is now, but I seem to remember that sales would be listed as credit until they were completed (i.e., the buyer accepted the item) and then it switched to redeemable, but I’m not positive that’s the case (and their FAQ page doesn’t have a good answer, unfortunately, at least not one I can find). Happy poshing!

  7. Thanks for the great and thorough reviews! I’m also new to Poshmark, and have made 2 sales; both of which went fine; I got 5 star feedback, and another which is pending. I’ve also bought a few items too. However, one of them, a vintage Coach purse I have a few issues with, but don’t know enough to know if its really a fake or not. Several things don’t quite add up, and while the seller said it was authentic, and its not, either she didn’t know, or did know, hence the fairly low price. I just don’t know enough to be able to spot a fake or not!

    I’m not going to do anything as I can’t prove it, and don’t know for sure, and it’s the perfect size, shape and color, and being that I paid less than $50, incl. shipping, I got a nice leather bag I will definitely use.

    Seeing some of the issues others have had, with people claiming damage where none was, I wonder if it’s a good idea to take detailed photos of things before sending them out, after they’ve been purchased. Might take a bit more time, but may save me a headache later.

    The stuff I have I’m only selling to get rid of, and perhaps make some $$ vs. simply donating and getting nothing for it, so if it doesn’t sell, not a big deal. And as for buying, well, I think I’ll stick to the bags and other things I’ve bought so far, and leave the clothes (as I’m all over the map in sizes now) and pricy stuff alone!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I’m glad the reviews were helpful to you. I agree–it’s definitely a case of figuring out how Poshmark works best for what you’re looking for in terms of selling and buying. Happy shopping!

  8. I have a question, when Poshmaek aproves a refund due to a item not being as described, is Poshmaek refunding the price paid for the item and the shipping cost you paid or just the item price? Thanks for your response

    1. According to Poshmark, they would provide a new shipping label and “a full refund,” which sounds to me like they would refund the shipping cost, but I would check with them as it isn’t abundantly clear on their site. Good luck!

  9. Hi there,

    I just paid $600 for a damaged item and I was honored a refund and label. I have sent the item back to the buyer and she did receive it today. It also shows that the item was signed for upon delivery. I’m not sure of how returns work but when you returned your items did the seller have to accept that she received that items?
    I commented on the Sellers listing of the item and she blocked me so my comment couldn’t even go through.
    Please help!

    1. My return was a while back, so the policy may be different now. From what I recall, she did have to accept the return, but if she didn’t within a certain amount of time and Poshmark could see the tracking information and knew the item had been returned, they would refund anyway (but the seller did accept the return so it didn’t come to that).

      I am so sorry to hear that you received a damaged item. I wish their Posh Concierge service applied to more products (or didn’t cost so much for items that don’t qualify). Best of luck and please keep me posted!

  10. I’m having the same issue…with a seller that obviously had buyers remorse and claimed my item was damaged …my item is expensive and my pictures are so clear…posh sided with her and now I’m getting my item back …but I don’t know in what condition…and I don’t think posh protects you from buyers that destroy items before sending them back…I’m new to posh and I’m also getting mad already…

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that! As much as I like the concept of Poshmark, I do think there are still a few kinks they need to work out. Please keep me posted on what happens with your item.

  11. Hey girl great post! When I discovered posh not too long ago I was in love! I’ve bought already quite a few things from this site and have never had a problem until today 🙁 I received my item really quickly but it was a makeup palette that was packaged in a box without any sort of bubble wrap, just tissue paper. I’m so angry that the seller really didn’t protect the palette at all.. It was a beautiful limited edition palette that I was so excited to get and now it’s ruined because the seller didn’t use common sense and really thought that tissue paper was going to protect it in the mailing process. So now I’m crushed!! Lol as is the shadow. Anyway is there anyway to get any kind of refund and still keep the item? Idk if I’d want to return it I might try and press it back together if I can but there’s still loss in the value after this. It’s hard to find online. What would you do?

    1. Thank you! I’m so sorry to hear about how the palette shipped. How frustrating! Have you purchased from the seller before? If so, you might try contacting her to see if she would refund you at least part of the price. If not, you could always take it up with Poshmark, but I don’t know how they’d respond. It seems like packaging should be on the seller, but given other people’s experiences with Poshmark, I wouldn’t be shocked if they said that makeup palettes were a “buyer beware” kind of situation. So, so frustrating.

      If you do end up pursuing it, please let me know how it all plays out. I have a feeling you aren’t / won’t be the only person this happens to, and it’s good to have an idea of what to expect.

  12. I recently bought a ring and in the description it said its new but when i receive it was damaged. i was really disappointed because the seller never told me about it. Now i have to go through this return hassle. she writes to me saying it was not damaged when she shipped it and then blocked me. i cant respond to her now very smart. Dont think Poshmark is a good place to buy you cant really trust the sellers.

    1. I agree–wish there were a better system for knowing what you’re getting and protecting everyone involved. For me, it made it not worth the hassle. I hope everything works out for you.

  13. I know this post is old, but I just wanted to vent. Someone just open a case with saying that my items didn’t match the description. I put 2 items under free people cause I wasn’t sure where I had bought them from, but I stated in my description that these 2 items are not free people just for exposure. And now she is accusing me of lying. But how is that lying if I clearly stated that. It’s her fault that she didn’t read the description.

    1. I’m so sorry this happened to you! How awful. I know what you mean–even when you do the best you can, people can accuse you of lying or something equally ridiculous. I like the idea of Poshmark, but they still have a lot of kinks to work out. Let me know what happens.

    2. I know that on Poshmark it is kind of against their rules to list something under a brand that is not accurate. Even though you clearly stated that it was not from Free People, you could still get in trouble for not following their guidelines. But hopefully this situation irons out and you can use this as a learning experience! Best of luck poshing!

  14. I had a dress listed on Poshmark that was in pristine condition. A buyer named @pbbj purchased it and I guess had buyers remorse since it didn’t fit her and she ripped it at the seams. She also pulled out some of the beading and took a picture with the actual beading in her hand to request a refund. The pictures requesting a refund showed that she was de threading the beadwork with her large manicured nail also seen in the pic but because Poshmark is an automated computer system the buyer received a refund before they can review the entire case. I sent them
    a full video of how I received the package back and the opening of how I received the dress. I cannot try to resell the dress because it would ruin my reputation as a seller considering that I have a 5 star rating. Poshmark has yet to communicate with me but I’m afraid it might be too late!

    1. How awful! I’m so sorry this happened to you. I really think Poshmark has some policy issues they’ve got to figure out if they want to stick around as a company. Let me know if they ever get back to you.

  15. Hi,
    I found your blog after doing a search because someone had reported one of my items as not matching the description- broken, damaged or stained. I’ve read through some of the comments here and how some people were frustrated with the process on both ends. I just wanted to add my experience as thankfully the buyer’s claim was denied in a day and I was able to get my money.
    I listed a like new item, I had only tried it on a few times and never even wore it out of the house. The pockets were still stitched closed! I have been selling on Poshmark for about 3yrs now, have a perfect rating on Poshmark and ebay, always look over my items before listing, and don’t sell anything that isn’t in very good condition. I have thankfully have had no prior issues with selling before. Needless to say, I was really annoyed when I got the email, so I sent in my claim (a bit annoying that there’s no area for additional pictures). Thankfully it was resolved the next day with them denying the buyer’s claim and they released the money. Maybe she got the item and just didn’t like the fit or style of it? I’m just glad I didn’t have to deal with the seller shipping it back and having to worry about the condition it would’ve been in.

  16. Hi! In my couple of weeks on Poshmark I have been really successful. I have sold 50+ and most have been really positively recieved. (I have a 4.9 star rating as I got one 4 star review because the seller thought I should have sent a dust bag for shoes) I have now had 2 cases opened against me. One was approved in favor of the buyer because I listed the brand as “Anthropologie” and only listed the sub brand in the description. I had gone above and beyond to help her with pricing as she did not purchase a bundle but wanted 2 listings. I believe she gamed me. Lesson learned. The second is still pending because the buyer is claiming the item is different than the photo. I also went above and beyond with this buyer sending her an additional NWT item that matched the other. I’m concerned that now that I have 2 claims Poshmark will question my integrity. Maybe my skin isn’t thick enough for this? What are Poshmark’s rules for number of claims? I’m having issues with the $10-$12 items, not the valuable things. Thanks….sorry I’m so long winded.

  17. I messed up as a buyer. I thought I got the wrong item and filed a case now have emailed explaining I got the right item and to please release funds to the woman I bought from. How long can that take? Is there anything I can do to reverse this on my own? And I was told a bracelet was sterling but had it tested and it is costume not sterling. How long should I have to wait to get all this resolved?

    1. I’ve found their customer service to be pretty slow, but they do respond eventually. You can always try reaching out to them via social media, too, as that might be faster.

      Let me know how long it takes and how these issues end up being resolved—I’d love to know. Good luck!

  18. Great post. I know this is old but wanted to add my 2 cents. I have bought and sold quite a bit on Poshmark and twice now I have accepted an item before thoroughly checking it over only to later realize that the item is damaged. I got a jcrew sweatshirt and didn’t notice a huge stain on the front because the lighting in my bedroom is poor. I wore it to work and ended up having to wear my coat all day. I also bought a jcrew henley and accepted the order only to later realize it had a stain on the front and was missing a button.
    Neither of these items had listed any defects on the posting. It’s pretty annoying and I’m mad at myself for not being more thorough. Lesson learned!

  19. Something similar happened to me. I saw a post for an Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag on Poshmark. I was excited about the bag because the price was right and I love Louis Vuitton. I have a few bags and one I brought while in Paris, France for my birthday. This was my first experience with Poshmark or buying a second hand bag. I inspected the pictures for any flaws I could see and ordered the bag. When the bag arrived it was clear as soon as I took it out the reusable grocery store bag that it was a fake. Their was no inside pocket and the actual bag looked faded and old. I knew the bag was vintage but it must of been shined up for the picture. Also the seller had the bag propped up on a Louis Vuitton cloth dust bag. However, that wasn’t shipped with my purchase. She added a Louis Vuitton purse hook to the side but I doubt that was real. She also sent stickers and other nonsense. I immediately requested authentication for the bag. However, the seller was unable to tell me how she knew this bag was real. In the end Poshmark refunded my money. Thank God. The seller got the bag back and all her stupid trinkets. She reposted the fake bag back on Poshmark’s site. She also had a conversation with a new interested buyer in the comment section tell the buyer I was a “dumb dumb” and couldn’t or didn’t read and that the fake bag was real. I complained to Poshmark about the relisting of the bag and her unprofessional behavior . They told me to block her. I haven’t use their app since then because its a little unsettling that they would allow this behavior on their site and knowing allow this individual to sell counterfeit goods which is a direct violation to their listed guidelines.

    1. Oh, no! That IS unsettling. I really want systems like Poshmark to work and work well because I think there is a need for them, but they’ve got to figure out some of their policies a bit better.

  20. I need help! I received capris that were the wrong size and had stains all over them. Poshmark approved the return on Friday and it was sent out Saturday. I tracked the order and was suppose to be delivered today, but it says it was “undeliverable” and will be sent back to me. I have a feeling the lady denied the package because she got all upset with me for not accepting the order. What am I suppose to do now? I don’t want to pay for these pants that are all stained and was sized incorrectly.

    1. Yikes! Definitely report her to Poshmark right away. Forward any information you have about tracking the package. In my experience, you have to keep getting in touch with customer service to get an issue resolved, but it’s worth it to do so. Let me know what happens. Fingers crossed for you!

  21. I sold a pair of $595 size 8.5 Jimmy Choo shoes (worn only ONE time for a job interview) for $150 on eBay that were in FLAWLESS condition. The buyer who purchased them opened a return ticket to say they were too big (well, DUHHH…according to her history, she wore a size 7.5. I don’t even know why she’d buy them to begin with). Since eBay decided to uphold my No-Returns policy, she opened up a new ticket with PayPal, this time claiming the soles were “falling off”. She then apparently wedged a sharp object between the sole and the upper, forcibly pried them apart, then sent photos of her handiwork in…PayPal promptly refunded her money and she sent the destroyed, now-unsellable shoes back to me (I could see where she used the sharp object. It was truly awful). After going back & forth with PayPal’s overseas team in India (worthless!!!) I finally got in touch with the folks at their Northern California headquarters, who promptly apologized and refunded the $150 they had taken from my account. I ended up selling the damaged shoes As-Is on Poshmark for $30 with a full description of the situation. The unethical, entitled way some people behave is absolutely appalling to me and their lack of remorse truly confounds me.

  22. Hi, does anyone follow up on their bad Poshmark experiences as sellers w scamming buyers or people w buyers remorse? Has Poshmark ever overturned a decision after initially siding w the buyer for a return? This guy that bought my Balmain tuxedo got a great deal and had me post tons of pics of the measurements. He got its and changed his mond, told me it didnt fit him, I responded to take it to his tailor cuz it could be let out then he insults me bu saying it wasn’t authentic Balmain!!! Then later i get a message from Poshmark that he is returning because the threading is coming undone. Im livid. All i sell is higher end clothes and put alot of effort into displaying in my online closet. So if you haveany stories on how to get a buyers return overturned, please advise. I hate scammers and lowballers!
    Hey i think im the only guy on this thread!!! Sorry girls

    1. What a nightmare! I am so sorry that happened to you. My only experience with Poshmark overturning a decision was the opposite scenario; a buyer had advertised clothing as being in much better condition than it was (it had actually shrunken to the point of looking like it was for a middle schooler). Initially, Poshmark sided with the buyer and said I couldn’t return the items, so I had to find the original dress / sleeve lengths from J. Crew and send them pictures of a measuring tape held up next to the item, showing the difference. They did then overturn their decision.

      I really hope this works out for you! Keep us posted. And you are more than welcome on this thread. 😉

  23. I know it’s an old post, but I’m having an issue with a claim. It’s still pending, but I purchased a $60 Kate spade wallet. It arrived and I am almost positive it’s fake. I opened the claim with pictures comparing to a wallet that I purchased at a Kate spade store locally. I noted that the “leather” doesn’t wrinkle when moved around. Not sure if that makes sense. There were issues with the hardware finishes. Multiple issues all around. Where I’m having a tough time is the next 15 mins 4 messages were sent by the seller having a s**t fit because I didn’t think it was authentic. Starting with she has the receipt(never posted a pic) then it was,In a nutshell, my claimed experience with understanding characteristics of leather were nothing like her experienced selling on multiple platforms and never a complaint. She was going on and on and then said that I was probably just trying to get free stuff. The only comment i made was that I wanted to solve this by sending it back and that if it was authentic she easily would be able to sell it. She came back with some ranting in the last message, but what got me was her saying that even if I did send it back, it probably was damaged because of how I took the pics. I resisted sending pics that there was no damage because I figured it would continue with more ranting. I’m planing to wait and hear back from Poshmark, but was there a better way to handle this onslaught of a “temper tantrum”?

    1. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this! Not sure if you could’ve handled it any differently, though–it’s tough to be reasonable with an unreasonable person. How did Poshmark respond?

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