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Project 333: Spring 2014 Recap

For the last three months, I’ve been participating in Project 333. You can read about my altered rules and my list of items here, and I have a halfway update with changes I made to my list here.

What I wore often, rarely, and not at all:


often: mint jeans, blue jeans
rarely: khaki jeans
not at all: white jeans


often: hot pink
rarely: navy print


rarely: both (but I expected this because they were for nice occasions like weddings and graduations)

casual dresses

often: navy jersey, grey jersey, black jersey
rarely: chambray, red jersey, purple jersey


often: chambray button–down
rarely: blue print tunic, chambray tunic, white eyelet
not at all: red print tunic, cream eyelet

* I swapped the white button–down and blue button–down for two additional pairs of shorts.


often: white striped, navy striped
rarely: navy long–sleeved, white short–sleeved


often: floral
rarely: striped


often: navy striped cardigan
rarely: coral cardigan
not at all: mint

* I swapped the pink cardigan for an additional dress.

khaki shorts


I wore these often and ended up adding two pairs when I swapped a few pieces.

2 pairs of shorts

How I cheated

Ugh, I know. I felt really guilty about this at first. I’m getting over it.

You know how I have that never–ending love of navy blue? I also have a never–ending love of crew neck sweaters, especially if they have 3 / 4 sleeves.

Navy blue crew neck sweater with 3 / 4 sleeves, aka perfect storm of my favorite things, I apologize for not including you. I thought a navy long-sleeved tee would be a worthwhile replacement. I don’t know what I was thinking. It will never happen again.

I very shamelessly added this to my list. I won’t lie and say I swapped out anything. Here is my inexcusable item #34.

me in navy.jpg

I also accidentally wore these pants. I was in the middle of explaining something about Elizabeth Barrett Browning to my students, and I stopped mid–sentence and said, “These are not in the 33.”

ebb pants

It’s a good thing English teachers are allowed to be a bit eccentric.


What I gained

I learned so much about how much is enough. I gained storage space in my closet and dresser, I streamlined my laundry, and I felt more confident about what I was wearing.

I also gained insight into how I really feel about my clothes. I own several pieces I love and think I wear all the time, but I actually don’t. My wardrobe used to seem small to me; now it seems like way more than I need.

I’m still a bit stuck in terms of what to keep and what to sell or donate. I have a few pieces that weren’t on the list that I really like, but I know from this experience I don’t wear them. By the end of the three months, I’d donated a total of 8 grocery bags of clothing and sold 15 items on eBay.

Oh, yeah. I also donated about 40 hangers. : )


Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my list of 33 items for July / August / September. This list includes packing for two weeks in Asia and back–to–school time, which would have made me a nervous wreck three months ago. “How will I ever plan for such different events?!?” But now? Now I can’t wait for the freedom and reduced stress that comes with having a manageable wardrobe.

How about you? How were April, May, and June for you and your list of 33?

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