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Project 333: Summer 2014

I’m excited for another season of Project 333! You can read about my spring items and experiences here, here, and here.

Last season, I was nervous about having only 33 items. If you’d asked me to guess how many items of clothing I wear in 3 months, I probably would’ve said, “100.”

And I would have been very, very wrong.

So if you’re nervous, don’t be. Jump right in. You can change up the rules if you’d like, and you can even give it a try for a week or two and add items if you feel the need.

But don’t be surprised if you don’t feel the need. ; )

My version

Just like my spring items, my summer items include clothing only, not shoes or accessories. I’m not counting those in my list of 33.

I’m also not counting clothing for dressy events. I have 5 dresses for dressier–than–everyday occasions, and I think that’s a reasonable number. Rather than choose what I’ll wear for those events now, I’m only counting everyday items in my list of 33.

My list

4 pairs of pants: mint jeans, blue jeans, khaki jeans, white jeans

sum 14 pants

The exact same pants on my spring list!

1 skirt: hot pink

sum 14 skirt

6 casual dresses: 1 maxi, 1 chambray, 4 jersey in navy, grey, black, and black sleeveless

sum 14 dresses

6 tops: white button–down, chambray button–down, red print tunic, blue print tunic, chambray tunic, cream eyelet

sum 14 tops

6 of the 8 tops on my spring list

6 tees: short–sleeved in white striped, grey, and navy; long–sleeved in white striped, navy striped, and cream striped

sum 14 tees

Can we get this woman out of striped tees, for crying out loud?

1 tank: striped (shocking no one)

sum 14 tank

4 cardigans: cream, coral, grey, and navy striped

sum 14 sweaters

Again with the stripes. Is there a support group for this?

1 green cargo vest

sum 14 cargo vest.jpg

4 pairs of shorts: blue, light khaki, dark khaki, and pink seersucker

sum 14 shorts

Just to give you an idea of how versatile this list is, these items will get me through a two–week trip to Asia, returning to school in the fall, and the Influence Conference. Before my first experience with Project 333, I never would have believed so few items could do so much!

Are you trying Project 333 this season? Please share your thoughts and links to your 33 items! I love getting inspiration from other 333–ers!

2 thoughts on “Project 333: Summer 2014

    1. I was surprised when I saw how much I didn’t wear. I’m still struggling with letting go of everything I could probably get rid of, but baby steps, right?

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