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Life Lately

Could the world be any more excited about scarf weather? I think not. I’m certainly guilty.


Last week, I made this beef stew and—wow—it did not disappoint. Misty, you are in charge of my meal plans from now on. Hope that’s okay. ; )


I’ve been wanting to bake this bread for what feels like forever. Maybe this weekend. Seems like it would be perfect with brie and a nice red wine.

Just celebrated my cousin’s little boy’s first birthday. I swear this kid’s bris was only a month ago. I know, I know, everyone says that kind of thing. Cliche’ as it is, they grow up too fast.


Have you been listening to the Serial podcast? My husband and I are hooked.

I’ve had a heavy heart lately. No idea why. Time change? Cooler temps? Failed attempts at motivating my students? Combination of all of the above? It’s that weird restless feeling that comes around sometimes. Trying to rely on prayer and gratitude until it passes.


I’ve started making soap. Probably deserves its own post. I wish I could capture the scent of lavender soap on the stove and send it to you. WordPress, don’t you have a plug–in for that?


Anyone else counting down until Thanksgiving? It’s my favorite holiday. Food, family, football, and a total lack of media attention. I think I’m becoming an old curmudgeon because I can’t take the Christmas commercials starting on All Saints’ Day. (And because I’ve started using the word “curmudgeon.” wink)


I love humorous Twitter accounts. Honest Toddler and Unvirtuous Abbey are two favorites. Any suggestions?


I’ve started volunteering with an organization that helps women who are rebuilding their lives after working in the sex trade. Many of them are victims of human trafficking and survivors of addiction. I’m hoping to write a blog post about this soon, but it’s hard to find the words, you know? But I’d sure love your prayers for these women. They are living reminders of God’s grace, redemption, and unconditional love.

Have a great Wednesday, friends! Do something that makes you happy and reminds you that you matter. : )

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