important nothings

A quick hello

Well, hi there. Is there anything quite like a list of blog ideas and radio silence for the next two months? Probably not. While I’m getting my ducks in a row over here, I thought I’d at least pop in with a few quick reading recommendations: I read Commonwealth in an instant and thoroughly enjoyed… Read More A quick hello

important nothings


Hopping in with a quick post today that I hope will bring you some inspiration. I’ve been trying to implement mantras—well, a form of mantras, I guess—in my everyday life, and I love it, so I thought I’d share what’s working for me. I first started trying to use a mantra after hearing a yoga… Read More Mantras


A little Disney crafting

Well, we’re headed to Disney World pretty soon. Normally, I wouldn’t have chosen to bring a nearly eight–month–old baby on such a trip, but it’s an extended family thing that has been in the works since before we knew there’d be a baby, so off we go! I’m sure it’ll be fine, just kind of… Read More A little Disney crafting

life lately

Life Lately

Oh, hi there! How’s it been? How’s 2017 treating you? Springtime is really showing off here lately. I’ve been planting herbs and veggies and have been meaning to get to the flowers but just haven’t yet. I’m hoping to plant zinnias and lots and lots of wildflowers to help with the whole bee population thing.… Read More Life Lately