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Life Lately: Fighting Jet Lag Edition

Seriously? Am I that person who gets home from an absolutely wonderful vacation and has the audacity to complain about jet lag, a condition that means she’s fortunate enough to travel and from which she has well over a week to recover before returning to work, unlike her husband who had a mere two days to get back to normal?

Yes. Yes, I am that person.

It’s now 2:34 in the AM,* and I’ve been awake Googling “jet lag myth or real,” “melatonin versus Simply Sleep,” “reasonable amount of time to spend napping,” “does cry it out method work for adults,” etc.

I gave up on the Googling when my phone reached 4% battery, looked around at the dire unpacking / laundry situation I’m facing at the moment, and decided to get back to blogging right away. You’re welcome.

I like posts with pictures, so here’s a cute packing–related one:


If you’d like to know what the actual unpacking situation looks like, please Google image search “Chernobyl” or “abandoned shopping malls.”

Back to Life Lately, in no particular order:

1. You know how I like to go on and on and on (and on) about Katie’s ebook, An Inspired Life? The Twittersphere tells me you can purchase it for 50% off by August 1st with the code SUMMERSALE. Run, don’t walk! This is one of the most uplifting, inspirational books out there. I quote it to myself daily.

2. I’m thinking about getting into this whole wreath–making thing. This tutorial from One Little Momma looks like a good place to start, don’t you think?

3. I never get tired of the Honest Toddler on Twitter. I’ve been known to snort with laughter while reading. I have a similar reaction to Scott Gunn’s Twitter feed (just ask everyone behind me in line at the grocery store yesterday).

4. Anyone else counting down the days until the Influence Conference? If you’re looking for a fun blog tour, check out these lovely ladies from my Influence Community Group. I just adore them.

5. No doubt I’m the last person to the Camp Patton party, but I’ve finally arrived and I am loving it. I’ve been whittling away the wee hours of the morning reading Grace’s archives, so if she gets deep into the belly of Google Analytics and wonders who in the world was on her site from 12:32–3:36 AM on Saturday, I’m guilty as charged.

6. Beginning to wonder if my latest addiction—mineral water—is contributing to my fulfilling every WASP stereotype ever.

perrier in fridge

The wine addiction is nothing new. Also, please note that I took the time to arrange the items in my refrigerator in an aesthetically pleasing way but that I am writing to you whilst currently surrounded by not one, not two, but three empty Cup Noodles containers (not pictured). Priorities, people.

6. Thinking about ordering our wedding pictures. We’ve been married for 4 1/2 years, if you were wondering.

7. Oh, are you still reading? May I ask why? Been working my way through the summer issue of Life Beautiful. I mostly just like the pretty pictures and looking at the read the entire Bible in a year calendars with serious nodding and murmurs of commitment and then not even pretending to follow them. . .

8. . . . However, not all is lost on that front! Have you downloaded the She Reads Truth app yet? It is everything I dreamed of and more. It’s beautiful, it’s user–friendly, and it has the King James Version. You know I cried actual tears of joy.

9. Been resorting to my stalwart dinner recipe (generous use of the word “recipe”), but this and this are on the meal plan, too.

10. Started a new mystery series and I’ve had to impose a rationing system to keep myself from reading every single one back–to–back in rapid succession. Are they suspenseful, riveting, and impossible to put down? Yes. Was the first one amazing, the second one pretty good, and the third one amazing? Yes. [Does this mean I read those three in a week? Probably.] Are several of the plot situations ridiculous and completely unbelievable? Of course. Does Clare have boundary issues and should she revisit this little gem? Definitely. Was sharing this inner dialogue a better idea in my head than it turned out to be? Undoubtably.

Okay, I’ll stop. Promise. Off to do something productive (and by that I mean catch up on blog–reading).

*I want you to know that I waited until a decent hour when I was fully awake to edit this. So, um, yes . . . this is the edited version, if you were wondering . . . 

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